Monday, April 10, 2006

Anthony De Mello... A Musing on Heresey

Jesuit and all round good egg, Fr. DeMello, s.j., wrote several books on Chrsitian Mystic thought, inclouding the wonderful "Sadhana"which is about Christian meditative practices, by building on the traditions of Indian Meditation. He's been criticised by Pharisees (Cardinal Ratzenberger, current Pope) for being too "Hindu". I don't see being informed by a culture that was practicing Meditation as a science (i.e. something repeatable) before the first mud bricks of Babylon were laid is a bad thing. I leave that up to more Religiously educated people than me to judge why that is a problem. To me, it all seems awfully insular. There again, when a cleric has to ask what "H.H." ("His Holiness") means when applied to the Dalai Lama speaks to a pretty low level of education when it comes to Clerics. Having said that, my old pal Fr Richard knew straight off, but he's not typical of general Anglican Clergy. He is, however typical of a type of Anglican Clergy that seems to spend it's down time researching recherche subjects. The myth of the clergyman-scholar is alas fading out. They are a dying breed.


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