Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Supernatural

We live in a demon haunted world.

Or do we. Falls of fish, strange vanishings, equally strange appearances, mysterious lights in the sky, people surviving the 'impossible' , spontaneous remissions of fatal diseases.

Are these 'miracles and prodegies' unnatural, or is it jst we have a poor understanding of the universe and how it works?

Reality is statistical, and the devil lurks in the quantum soup that forms it.

We have seen electrons and their anti particle jump into existence and then annihilate itself, leaving a photon behind.

The average energy of the system is 'zero' over time, but at any given time t the energy of the system could be + or - any number of particles. Matter jumps into existence from 'nothing' and returns to 'nothing'.

This of course is impossible :)

But it happens, all the time, everywhere...

So, is that 'supernatural', 'impossible', or just 'unlikely'?

The observation is made that at our scale, Newton's laws fits the bill. That mistakes the map for the territory. Any object that has the energy to move disturbs the zero point field. At the leading edge of the motion vector, the object phases into being in the new postion and phases out of existence in the trailing edge. The sum of the probabilities over time is the thing that make Newton approximately work.

There is a tiny discrepancy between measured trajctories and predicted ones that was mopped up by Einstein's General Relativity Theory. It's so small that over human scale distances Newton suffices... If you want to land on the moon, then Newton mostly cuts it, if you want to get to Jupiter then you need adjustments on Newton from GR

I've spent more years than i care to remember with my head in the far end of the normal distribution curve. I've seen things that are 'impossible'. And my conclusion; there is no such thing as 'impossible', simply the 'unlikely'.

My brother is a QA metallurgist, working for an steel foundry. He says he earns his living dealing with stuff that the 'book' says is impossible. By independent means, he's arrived at the same conclusion.

To state that something is 'impossible' is just bad science and is asking to be proved wrong. To say it's unlikely is far more accurate, and matches more of what we see 'out there' and in the mysteries that surround us.

Shall we ever fathom them? If we do, then we become as God. Which is where I think we're heading... :)


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